Lesson fees

We are a team of skilled musicians and excellent teachers, providing lessons at competitive prices. The majority of our violin students take an hours lesson each week, with a few taking their lessons on a fortnightly basis. It is completely up to you, the student, how often that you would like us to hold our violin lessons

 30 Minute lessons £30

An affordable option for weekly classes. 30 minute lessons keep you in touch and on track towards your goals. 

45 Minute Lessons £45

The ideal length for the perfect weekly session. 45 minute lessons allow time for all the elements of learning music.

60 Minute Lessons £60

The perfect length to get in depth tuition. Weekly 60 minute lessons are great for exam or audition preparation.

We would be very happy to talk with you more about my lessons, as well as the times that we can offer you should you be interested.